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How to set up a bot to filter your email

Mar 21, 2023

This simple trick changes everything

I dont know about you but I have up on zeroing out my inbox a long time ago. AI has been used here for a while to get rid of obvious spam emails and scams, but today there is so much more junk crowding inboxes. Every day you may encounter emails in your inbox that you will never look at, never read, never respond to. Announcements from a store you visited once in your life, a million social media updates and tweets (or exes, threads, etc). To combat this email clients give you tools like "rules" where you can filter out junk by specifying domains, etc, not very useful when there are dozens upon dozens of different sources of these emails.

The ideal email filter would:

  1. exclude everething that is not important and personally addressed

    1. That means exclude newsletters, announcements, sales.

    2. Silence out the social media noice, no social media notifications whatsoever

  2. include only those emails that are personally addressed

  3. and anything else that looks like something requiring a reply

  4. and also include any invoices or payment confirmations.

So how do you get a filter like this to sort your inbox? its very simple: you copy & paste the above into your email connected NEXBot. Thats it.

With the filter complete, you just need to forward the inbox you want to filter to the NEXBot's email address that you see generated in the screen. Then you would have that forwarded to an email that ideally only receives email from the NEXBot.

If you have any difficulty, why not ask my helpful email bot to guide you?

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