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How to set up a super smart email auto response bot

Mar 17, 2023

Auto response in the era of Generative AI

Your typical work vacation response email contains the date of your return and the contact information for whoever will be covering for you, you know, for urgent matters. How about something a little bit more... modern. With NEXBot you can set up a vactation response that: 1. autonatiucally identifies urgent emails and forwards them along

2. understands the context of the email and responds accordingly

3. can engage in subsequent emails with the sender, perhaps doing your work for you while you are on vacation.

Setting this up is easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your bot's settings and click next to set up the email connection. Select "reply" as the type of email connection.

  2. take note of the generated email. if you dont like the one generated, click on "generate" for a new one.

  3. provide email instructions. these instructions supercede any prior instructions. Anything specific to how you want the bot to handle emails goes here.

  4. Create the bot. You can forward emails to your bot from your email client. Automatic email forwarding will typically preserve the reply-to header, meaning your bot will be responding to the sender, not you.

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