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Tokens and Connections

Chat for free by sharing your bots

After you create bot you move on to the Connections screen where you set options that affect how you or others can access the bot.

Preloaded Tokens: NEXBot charges one token per message to chat with any bot. Every account starts off with 500 free tokens. If you want to share your bot with others but dont want them to spend tokens on the bot you can preload them here. Doing so will deduct a token from the preloaded balance with each message anyone sends the bot. When the balance reaches zero then the bot will no longer be free to others, but you can always preload more tokens. Token Rate and Preloaded Tokens are mutually exclusive. When preloaded tokens are set your bot defaults to a token rate of 1.

Bot Visibility: If set to private only you can see the bot. If public then the bot is accessible to others. Regardless of visibility you can always share your bot with others. You can also chose to take a bot private, or stop sharing any of your bots.

Token Rate: NEXBot keeps a token per message, but you can have your bot charge users up to 10 tokens above the base fee. If you decide to do so then you will be credited with every token above the base fee (1 token). Those tokens will allow you to keep using NEXBot for free. You can adjust the token rate whenever you like for private bots. You cannot change the token rate for public bots unless you first make it private.

Connection Fees: You can connect your bot. You can connect your bot to email as of now, but in the furture you can expect additional integratuons such as API, Alexa, text messaging, and others. When you add a connection to a bot it is only available to you and is not shared along with the bot. Similarly others can add connections to bots that you have shared with them. Connections are specific to users.

Each connection has a fee. The fee is shown when adding the connection. The fee increases the message rate a bot charges your account and this charge is triggered by all messages, regardless of the channel the message is sent through. You can always remove a connection and add it back whenever you like.

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