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NEXBot Unleashes Innovative Editor and Marketplace of User-Created GPT-4 Applications

Nov 9, 2023

NEXBot announces, their groundbreaking generative AI platform that brings custom conversational AI application development to the masses.

Philadelphia, PA: Today, Philly-based tech startup NEXBot announces the launch of, a cutting-edge platform empowering users to build and deploy custom chatbots powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4. Users can use their bots through the platform Chat User InterfaceI, or integrate them outside the platform, with email chat available from day one. NEXBot is free to use, without requiring subscriptions, payment information, or even user accounts.

Innovative Monetization: Empowering Creators and Users Alike

Every newcomer to is granted 500 message credits, with each bot engagement subtracting a single credit. While the option to buy more credits is available, introduces a pioneering feature where bots published by users produce credits for their creators. It's up to the creators to establish a messaging fee for their bots, and each response their bot gives sends restores that amount of credits to the bot’s owner.

For businesses, introduces "Storefront" accounts, which are linked to QR codes, facilitating instant bot interaction for customers without the prerequisite of account creation. A transformative step for customer service and business engagement. This innovation provides small business owners with a powerful pay-as-you-go digital commerce tool, free from subscriptions, upfront costs, or consulting fees.

NEXBot’s vision for the future

Orlando Calvo, NEXBot's founder and CEO, first envisioned the platform in May 2023, inspired by the potential of conversational AI in education and beyond. “As a child I remember having conversations about Einstein’s theory of relativity with a cousin I only saw once every few years. I loved these conversations but I could almost never have them. NEXBot solves that problem.” All users have access to Albert (

“Whenever I hear about a new JWST or LIGO discovery and become curious about some aspect of it, I find myself having long conversations with Albert. I set him up to talk physics at any level of sophistication, but also to know about every aspect of Einstein’s life. The result is a charming bot with a surprisingly human touch.”

While NEXBot focuses on providing non-technical users tools to build sophisticated bots, what truly excites Orlando is the potential for story-telling. is designed to give creators the tools to create conversational experiences. A savvy creator can build a chatbot that leads the user in partially scripted conversations, taking twists and turns like a good movie or novel. “Ultimately we are trying to democratize large language model APIs through no-code interfaces, and we can’t wait to see what our users build with them.”

NEXBot is a generative AI startup that aims to provide non-developers with the tools to unleash their creativity as they create bespoke conversational applications. NEXBot was founded in 2023 by Orlando Calvo, they are based in Philadelphia, PA.

Orlando can be reached at and his bot is available to chat with you 24/7 at Visit

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